Long Shadows

As usual, the days pass quickly and shadows grow long before I’ve accomplished a third of what’s on my to-do list.  I’ve got a hundred blogs written in my head that I’ve not yet had the chance to get down on the screen.

So, for today, these two pictures will be my contribution.  I took them this evening after Beau and Asher came in from checking on the heifers that are calving in the pasture north of the barn.  The whole family was at the barn as Beau unsaddled his horse and Asher’s.  The sun was low and blazing and every detail of the corral was projected toward the east.  Below, Asher is outside the barn wearing his favorite Joe Fox hat; it was his first time in the saddle this spring, and his first time helping Daddy check heifers:



And then there are the two of us.  And, of course, the ever-present baby on my hip:


Heifers are starting slow.  Hills are greening up.  Another good day at Cow Camp.

© Tami Blake

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