We decided to keep things really simple for Marsielle’s first birthday, marked March 30, because, well, she doesn’t know any different.

We had cake on Easter Sunday with the extended family, a bunny cake which she was largely indifferent to.  (My latest trick is bringing out the birthday cake as a surprise sideshow at completely unrelated get-togethers.  It’s fast, it’s surprising for the kid, it saves on the drama of birthday party invitations and gift-opening and thank-you-note sending.)

Then, on the actual day of Marsi’s birthday — Wednesday — we did what we guessed she would want to do:  we held her a lot, we cuddled her, we rock-a-byed in the chair, and we spent a lot of time laying on the floor so she could climb up and over us.

Then this morning — Friday — we realized our approach was so relaxed that we completely forgot to give our wants-for-nothing third child her birthday present.  So, better late than never, we brought out the new box of blocks from its hiding place in the closet.  It wasn’t wrapped but she doesn’t care.  The big kids don’t care, either.  They will get just as much use out of Marsielle’s one-year-old gift as she will.

You may remember we’re no strangers to birthday confusion at this house.  Read about another blunder in:  Surprise! It’s not your birthday after all!  Thankfully, we find life to be more manageable if we approach it with a sense of humor.

We remain upright here at the VX… even though some days we’re a little unsteady.

© Tami Blake

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