Easter Prep

As usual, it’s a mad dash to the Easter morning finish line at our house.  Here’s what we’ve been up to:

I’ve been analyzing the girls’ excellent selection of Easter dresses.  And wishing at least one of them was in my size.




We are making a bunny-face cake.  The cake rounds are baked, wrapped, and in the freezer.  The frosting is whipped and at room temperature.  But will we actually find the time to make his cute little bunny face out of licorice and jelly beans?  Will we have the chance to cut out his ears and decorate his bow tie and make a nice bed of green coconut for him to take a nap in?  The jury is still out on that.




We decorated 16 eggs at our house.  Confession:  I am a controlling mom.  I really dislike pale Easter eggs.  I really love bright, gayly-colored Easter eggs.  The only true way to achieve the vibrant Easter egg is to let it soak in dye for 10 or 20 minutes.  So… I cheated.  I let the kids put one egg in each color, then turned on a movie to distract them.  Twenty minutes later I paused the movie and we switched out eggs.  Repeat.  Did I take away from their Easter egg dying experience?  They will let me know if I messed up their childhood… in about 20 years.




The Playmobil guys have found yet another job at our house.  This week they have been busy acting out the Passion of Christ.  Below, see Jesus coming into Jerusalem with a donkey.  His disciples are behind.  The Pharisees are disapproving, at right, and the crowd is cheering him at left.  Those are palm leaves and coats in the road, of course.




Here is Jesus on the cross, along with the two criminals who were crucified at the same time…




… and here is the tomb where Jesus’ body was laid.


We shall see if it’s still there in the morning.

© Tami Blake

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