We love sweetened condensed milk at this house.  It’s delicious in so many quick desserts, it’s perfect stirred into coffee, and, well… you really can’t beat it by the spoonful.  Even if you live way out in the middle of nowhere, which we do, you never feel deprived if you’ve got a can of sweetened condensed milk in the cupboard.  The possibilities for fanciness and deliciousness are endless.

Naturally we were excited when we recently discovered these cans of flavored sweetened condensed milk at the grocery store.  Thinking we were buying several visits to City Brew in one can, we brought both the caramel and chocolate varieties home.

And the jury is in.  And the jury says “meh.”  Both flavors are a little artificial-tasting.  Like they just dripped in a couple drops of artificial flavoring — you know, the kind that comes in the little brown bottles — and maybe took out the real sugar and used artificial sweetener while they were at it.  In the meantime, the thick, delightful essence of real sweetened condensed milk is lost.

The judge rules:  We’ll be sticking with good ol’, plain ol’ sweetened condensed milk here at the VX.  We were once again suckered in by a grocery store gimmick that couldn’t beat the original — kind of like the little jars of peanut butter-chocolate spread you can get these days.  But we’re not complaining.  Who would complain about being (admittedly self-titled) Official Grocery Store Gimmick Taste-Testers?

© Tami Blake

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