Darn kids running the country


I handed a coffee thermos to Beau as he headed out the door. “Are you prepared for the possibility that he might look about eighteen?” I asked.

Today Beau is touring the VX with a water engineer from the corporate office in Bozeman. Together they are formulating plans to improve our cow-watering system.

Though we had never seen this water engineer before today, we had spoken on the phone with him a few times and knew him to be about our age… maybe a little younger.

I have noticed lately that the people “a little younger” than us are looking especially youthful. And it’s definitely not that we’re starting to look older as we move farther away from 25. It’s just that we’re not moving away from 25.

Doesn’t it seem like they’re giving very young people very important jobs these days? The tweens are going to be running this country before we know it!

Sure enough, the water engineer who shared our lunch table is very youthful in appearance. He must’ve started college when he was 15. I wonder what he would guess our ages to be? Probably he would guess me to be about his age and maybe a little younger. And Beau definitely a little older.

© Tami Blake

2 thoughts on “Darn kids running the country

  1. Tam,
    First off, I truly appreciate your blog and writing – can’t tell you how much (always enjoyed seeing your byline when you started w/ the Reporter)!! But feeling aged? Wait till you have bid farewell to the first half of your 40’s and the cheerful frecklefaced 4-H kid you still think is in 5th grade has a family and is a skilled, insightful gal authoring her own life . . .
    Thanks so much for sharing your talent – keep it up!


    1. Liesl, thanks so much for reading and for the kind words! For some reason I was thinking not too long ago about you watching the Lackman twins (when they were babies) in the basement of the church… and now here they are college graduates. Time really does fly! Hope you are well.


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