This camera.


I have this habit (good, bad, or indifferent) of investing tremendous amounts of time and energy into projects which will never make any money for my family or me.  Like the ranch rodeo for which I sweat blood every year.  Like the custom photo book I made for my dad for Christmas which he hasn’t yet acknowledged.  Like mowing the weeds here at our cow camp.  Like church volunteer work.  I work hard at all these endeavors, but I don’t get paid.  And that’s probably for the best.  I had a real job once and I had a hard time getting along with my boss.  Same old stuff:  I thought I was in charge.  He thought he was in charge.

I tell you, people, it’s safer for everyone if I hide out in the hills and mind my own business.  This way nobody gets hurt.  Then again, I’m not making a lot out of money out here in North Ingomar.

I’m not a material gal, so luckily I don’t worry a lot about money.  But sometimes the thought crosses my mind that this labor-of-love blog of mine might someday turn into something financially successful.  Just look at my blogging hero, the Pioneer Woman.  She started with a simple blog and has achieved tremendous success, with her own TV show, several best-selling books, her own line of kitchenware, blah, blah, blah.

I don’t think I could ever be as successful as her, though.  She’s all-American.  She’s totally likable.  Her blog boasts a lot of what people everywhere love:  recipes and pet photos.

My blog features a lot of… my opinions.  One of them being that I am above posting recipes and pet photos on here.  I am not going to pander to my imaginary readership in the hopes of being a financial success!  (Well, to be more exact, I have already established that I’m a hit-or-miss cook at best, so I won’t be publishing many recipes.  And we have a dog, Swoog, but I forget to pet her most days because I am busy keeping the children alive.  I apologize to people everywhere, but I am not pet-crazy.)

So, to sum up, I am not all-American.  I have shot the potential of my blog in the knee before it even made the first year.

But if we’re dreaming here, and I usually am:  if my blog were to become successful and actually turn some sort of profit, the first thing I would invest in would be a new camera.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the camera I already have.  It still works great.  My mother-in-law, Lynn Blake, gave it to me nearly ten years ago when she upgraded to another camera.  And I have loved this camera and taken billions of pictures with it.  I have carried it into the ocean.  I have carried it horseback.  I packed it to the hospital each time I was in labor.  And it has never failed me.

But have you noticed how much technology has changed in the last ten years?  I am amazed by how fast our world is moving.  I think of my grandma, who started out life working fields with a horse-drawn plow and reading by candlelight.  And look at the world she’s living in at 90 years old.  Will we see so many incredible changes in our lifetime?  If the last 10 years are any indication, yes.  I can’t even imagine what’s next.

The point is, my camera is a bit out of date.  It’s a great beginner’s camera… but I think I’m outgrowing it.  Even amateurs (well, I’m an amateur in photography also, but even people who take fewer photos than I do) are carrying large, shiny, deluxe cameras with super-duper zooms on them these days.  And I’ll admit, I like shiny things.

I just don’t have any money to buy shiny things.

Not yet, anyway.  I’m sure the Blog Awards Committee will come knocking any day to present me with my first check.

And when I get it, I’m gonna buy me a new camera.

© Tami Blake

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