Do I hear $200?

I have been hearing in the news recently of parents who are promoting their children as young art prodigies.  These parents organize art auctions wherein people pay exorbitant amounts of money for the kids’ art.

This news caused me to ponder my own kids’ art, and I’ve realized that the Blake children also have extreme artistic potential.  After careful deliberation, I’ve decided to sell a few of their early pieces to interested collectors.  The art below may seem rudimentary, but I predict that years down the road, you will be glad you invested in the first, innocent efforts of these future Picassos.

We’ll start the bidding at $200 for each piece.  Please note, profits will be used to ensure the Blake children grow up in a comfortable home with an unlimited supply of construction paper, washable markers, and crayons.

The first item up for bid:


Kids @ Dance Class, by Emi Blake, 3 years old




Tall Indian Shoots Arrow Without Arrowhead, by Asher Blake, 5 years old




Snowman Family All Holding Hands, by Emi Blake, 3 years old



and finally — don’t miss your last chance, folks:


Cowboy Riding Horse on TV, by Asher Blake, 5 years old

© Tami Blake (art agent)

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