5 interesting things about today


  1. Emi painted our toenails.  (God, are You sure You meant for me to end up with two little girls?)




2.  Asher went with Beau to feed cows.  This is interesting because Asher never liked feeding cows until he recently discovered that Beau will let him “tell stories” without disturbance the entire time they’re feeding cows.  Asher looooooooooves to tell long-winded, imaginary tales that are very hard to follow and usually involve “kid power” — i.e. a bunch of kids (without grownups) go camping or organize an army or build a new town on the frontier.  It’s like listening to a G-rated, monotone, audio version of “Lord of the Flies” over and over again.  Suffice it to say Emi has heard me say often enough that he must “wrap it up” that she now tells him the same thing.




3.  The boys trapped a live muskrat at the overflow of our main well.  Darn little critters keep plugging up the whole system.  Have you ever seen a muskrat?  They ain’t cute.  And they’re troublesome, too.




4.  These cattle in the background are odds ‘n’ ends.  Did you know that cattle ranches have entire bunches of misfits?  Here’s how you end up with odds ‘n’ ends:  You just take all the cattle on the place that don’t fit in anywhere else… the weird, the chronically sick, the injured, the disliked, the ill-behaved, the un-athletic, and those born the wrong time of year, and you put these outcasts all together in their own pasture so they never forget they don’t fit in anywhere else.  Hey, nobody ever said ranching was all about making sure everybody feels like a winner.




5.  This one pooped on the carpet today.  I was on the phone and decided to change her wet diaper.  I got the old one off, but I then became distracted and she squirmed away and toddled off behind the couch.  When I found her — couldn’t have been much over a minute later — she had made a considerable mess on the floor and had her hands dirty as well.  The big kids were totally grossed out.  It was a rush to the tub for her and a bucket of hot, soapy water and a rag for me.

Then Beau took the big kids with him in the pickup and trailer to pick up a cow strayed far from home into neighboring country, and the baby and I stayed home alone.  And I held her the entire time she napped.

Will I never learn?

© Tami Blake

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