Thank your mom today if she…


  • helped your straighten out your waistband and put on your gloves back when your own hands were too little to do it.
  • ever washed between your fingers with a warm washcloth.
  • ever let you dry your hands on her jeans.
  • ever carried your stuff around for you even though she had warned you not to bring so much stuff.
  • ever sacrificed her foot space in a vehicle to make room for your stuff.
  • cleaned the house so you would have an orderly environment to grow up in.
  • ironed your clothes because she believed it was important to make a good impression.
  • took you to the orthodontist monthly for years.
  • ever drove you to school because you’d missed the school bus… again.
  • made a few radical social moves when you were in school to prove that some things are worth standing up for.
  • made homemade donuts for your volleyball team.
  • took a gate to the face while helping you halter break your 4-H steer.
  • made sure you were sitting in church 99 Sundays out of 100 growing up.
  • made hot Malt-o-Meal for you for breakfast every morning of your senior year.
  • helped you move 99,009 times (give or take 99,000).
  • met you halfway to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning to take your two older kids so you could deliver your baby in peace.
  • ever found your kids (after losing them while babysitting them).
  • ever sacrificed herself, sensical or not… because she loves you.

Happy Birthday to my own Mom!

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