Top Emi-isms of the Last Year


This little firecracker whose hair resists capture keeps us rolling with her unique style of sass and spunk.  Her word for button:  “Vest-holder.”  Her way of asking the time:  “What clock it is?”  One of her first and favorite phrases, uttered with a wrinkled nose:  “Uck.  Pee yoo dinky.”


She is a tough little cowgirl.  Her favorite color?  “Turkey-oise.”  Her two stick horses?  Named “Clean-up” and “Dirty.”   She tells us, “I team rope with my friend Stacey.”


She is feisty in a fight, even when her foe is a cold:  “I don’t have a bug anymore.  I spit my bug out.”

One time, in reply to Beau (who was trying to talk her into something she didn’t want to do), she fixed him with a steely gaze and said:  “That not a deal.”

She is smart and is growing into an expert on shaping her words into a sword.  On refusing to eat spinach:  “I don’t like to eat flowers.”


She loves to tell stories that start like this:  “When I was a little girl…”  (Wonder where she got that?)

She’s silly, she has a great belly laugh, and the inflections in her voice add a lot of color to her statements:  “When I get bigger, I gonna JUMP on the bed like a crazyman and FLY-Y-Y-Y!”


She loves the story of the nativity.  One day she included as part of her story that Joseph’s last name was (obviously) Carpenter.  Then, one day near Christmas, I found her fondling the glass nativity scene, which she had been asked not to play with.  She quickly explained, “I didn’t touch the nativity, Mama.  I just looked very care-fuh-dee.”

Her first joke, which she repeated often in the month of December, was asking anyone who would listen if they wanted a toilet plunger for Christmas.


She became obsessed with half-birthdays this past summer, and in fact was more excited about her half-birthday in July 2015 than her actual birthday in January 2016.  At her half-birthday party, she said to her brother (with whom she is very competitive), “That not you cake ’cause it not you half-birthday.”


She is a perpetual little sister, often calling after her big brother, “I a-comin’!”  She calls him “Bruddy” more than she calls him “Asher.”  One day the two of them were playing in another room and I heard a huge CRASH!  … then, moments later, Emi whisper, “Are you dead?”  And one day Asher was walking Emi on a leash and she explained to me, “God made me into a doggy.”

The two of them get along pretty well, but Emi definitely has a tendency to take out her troubles on her big brother.  If she’s feeling tired or hungry or just plain blue, she’s very likely to punish her big brother with a thorough verbal lashing.  It’s the Mean Girl in her coming out, and we’re trying to teach her to manage it.  Still:  “Bruuuuuuuu-DEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she’ll bellow.  “I’ve had it with you!”


She is also growing into her role as a nurturing big sister.  After Marsi was born, she worked hard to piece it all together:  “Did you go to the hospital to get the baby out you belly?”  She cares for her dolls in a hit-or-miss fashion, but one day she did tell me about a little boy doll, “He so sweet I can’t even stand it.”  And looking at Marsi through the viewfinder of my camera:  “That little baby cute.  Who are that?”


Above all, she is a sweet daughter to me.  Many times she has said a little something to me to remind me why God gives us daughters:

“Mom, I like you.  I gunny keep you.”

“God gave me this job:  playing.  And loving Mama.”

“Thanks be my mom.”

“You my favorite mama in the whole wide world.”

“I’m glad you am my mommy.”

“You my best mama.”

And, what every mother wants to hear, just as sweet as pie:  “Can me wipe on you pants?”

© Tami Blake

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