Why the North and the South just can’t get along:


  • Because he thinks we had country-fried steak for supper and I think we had chicken-fried steak.
  • Because he calls them buggies and I call them shopping carts.
  • Because he thinks gumbo is soup and I think gumbo is mud.
  • Because he thinks the term “papered” describes crazy women and I think it describes horses.
  • Because he says creek and I say crick.
  • Because he thinks it’s Nevahda and I think it’s Nevada.
  • Because he thinks barbecue is a dish of shredded meat with sauce on it.  And he’s convinced me he’s correct.  But the rest of my people still call a grill a barbecue.
  • And that’s only the beginning…

© Tami Blake

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