Surprise! It’s not your birthday after all!


Don’t tell Emi today is not her birthday.  Today is January 22.  Today is not January 23.

Our oldest daughter, Emi, will officially turn 3 on January 23.  (That’s tomorrow.)

But we, her parents, got a little confused on which day of the month it actually is today.  I’m not sure if we don’t know which day of the week it is or if we somehow got one day off on our counting back at the beginning of the year.

This birthday mix-up started yesterday, and probably even before that.  Yesterday afternoon (Thursday) I hurried to make a cake before we left home for swimming.  Then we went out to celebrate the end of swim lessons along with four other families.  When the kids finished their pizza at the restaurant where we were gathered, I presented Emi with a birthday cake and served everyone a piece.  I explained to the kids that Emi wouldn’t actually turn 3 until morning, but we’d celebrate now since we were all together.

My friend Tiff gave me a funny look.  “I looked at the calendar today and I thought it said her birthday is Saturday.”

“Oh, no,” I replied confidently.  “Her birthday is tomorrow.”

I and my husband carried on with an air of anticipation all through the drive home, and bedtime (“When you wake up it’ll be your birthday!”), and through waking up this morning (“Happy birthday, sweetheart!  We can’t believe you’re already three!”), and by letting her open a present before breakfast and eat cake and ice cream for breakfast.

And then my mom called to check on the birthday plans for this weekend.  “You’re celebrating today?” she asked after she heard what we were up to.

“Well, yeah,” I said.

“But her birthday is tomorrow.”

I argued until I looked at the calendar.  And sure enough, today is not the 23rd.  Today is the 22nd.  But I haven’t told Emi that.  As far as she knows, today is her birthday.  And it’s not like we’re gonna call it quits in the middle of our party.

So I guess we’ll just continue as we have been, pretending today is Emi’s birthday.  She doesn’t know the difference between today and tomorrow anyhow… and it’s not like she can read the calendar to double-check our dates.

So, in case you’re wondering, as far as we’re concerned… tomorrow is the 24th.

© Tami Blake

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