Earlier this month I took a moment to jot down some resolutions for myself for 2016.  After some thoughtful thought, I decided I want to be more disciplined in the next year in the following areas of my life:

  1. flossing daily
  2. keeping the checkbook balanced
  3. keeping up with the dishes
  4. organizing my notes daily
  5. practicing the guitar
  6. folding laundry right out of the drier
  7. exercising daily
  8. reminding almost-3-year-old Emi to use the potty
  9. reading the Bible daily

After a three-week trial run, I feel sure I can fit all these positive changes into my life and thus become a more well-rounded individual.  I only need to cut out the following to make time for the above:

  1. brushing my teeth
  2. spending money
  3. cooking
  4. blogging
  5. phone calls
  6. showering
  7. eating
  8. plucking my eyebrows
  9. reading to the kids

Wait… maybe this won’t work after all.


I guess there’s always next year.

© Tami Blake

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