Been Offline


Our internet was down for the last two days.  Guess you can’t expect every modern luxury when you choose to live way out in the middle of nowhere.

I wrote some fantastic blogs in my head while we were offline here at the VX.  I mean, these stories I conjured up in my mind would’ve really wowed my (undoubtedly vast, dedicated) readership.  (I feel certain that my readers were missing me the last couple days and regularly checking for a new, genius post by yours truly.  I missed all of you too!)

After a call to DishNet and a wait for the dark gray cloud to the south of us to float away (therefore clearing the signals between our satellite dish and the one that I assume is orbiting the earth above us), our internet is up and running again.

And now that I’m here, sitting at my desk with a gloriously white page glowing on the screen of my computer… I’ve forgotten all the wonderful things I was going to say.

© Tami Blake

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