Emi’s Imaginary Friends

Emi's imaginary

She calls them the Soccer Girls.  We can only guess that we are dealing with an entire little girls’ soccer team of invisible friends.

The only one she addresses individually — the team captain, perhaps? — is named “Present.”

She has to put on her tennis shoes to hang out with them.  She calls her tennis shoes her “soccer boots.”

The Soccer Girls don’t seem to live at our house.  But they are often referred to.  We hear about what they’re doing, what they like, and what they have that we don’t have.

And she gets ideas on all that from television commercials.  Though we try not to watch too many commercials at our house, this past Christmas I caught almost-3-year-old Emi staring at the TV many times, always mesmerized by some new gadget showcased by giggling tween girls wearing bright colors.  Her most-uttered phrase in December?  I want that.  (Which is how we ended up with the Little Critters under the tree.  Did you know they have removable clothing?  I didn’t.  But that’s a story for another day.)

One day I heard her lovingly whisper I want that and I looked at her.  She was transfixed by the screen, the glow of the TV reflecting off of her pale porcelain face.  I looked at the TV to see what she wanted… and it was a commercial for a Nissan Altima.

I guess.  If you’re gonna be driving the Soccer Girls to practice, you might as well be driving in style.

© Tami Blake

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