Gold, Frankincense, and Manure


Our kids love playing with this hands-on Playmobil nativity set.  In fact, they ask to get it out all year long.

We’ve told them the Christmas story again and again, yet they still come up with their own unique interpretations:

Five-year-old Asher is convinced that the wise men delivered gold, frankincense, and manure to Baby Jesus.  I think that — finally — last night I managed to sufficiently explain to him the differences between manure and myrrh so that he might have his details straight now.  Hopefully that sentence makes sense.

Two-year-old Emi is convinced that the angel is actually Jesus’ big sister.  No amount of explaining seems to be able to deter her from this current belief.  Perhaps she pictures herself as a heavenly, haloed big sister?

They have so much fun with this little set that there’s a Little People brand toy nativity under the tree this year.  Wonder what these kids of ours will come up with next?

© Tami Blake

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