Look what Beau found


I think Beau was an archaeologist in another life.  He is always coming home with some sort of treasure he just “happened to find” while out working — an Indian artifact, a dinosaur bone, a remnant from homestead days.  Me, I’ve been out on the land my whole life with very little historical evidence to prove it.  I’m not sure if he’s lucky or good.  Maybe both.

The other day he came home with this hunk of rock he found while getting the horses in.  You can see it’s sizable — those are our 5-year-old’s two hands holding it — and it’s had a lot of chips knocked off of it.  This rock is not native to the VX and certainly not to the horse pasture, which is nothing more than a greasewood-covered gumbo flat on the edge of Porcupine Creek.  There are no natural rocks for miles around, until you get to the sandrocks up on the bluffs to the north and west of here.

We have surmised that Indians, at least large villages of them, couldn’t have lived on the VX for entire seasons because of the lack of water.  Probably hunting parties passed through, and likely large herds of buffalo or other game wintered here, licking snow for water.  Of course, it’s hard to know how climate conditions have changed in the time that has passed.  But the fact is that we’ve found this and other evidence that Native Americans were here at some point.

Folks say that Indians would sit on a lookout working on arrowheads and spear points to pass the time.  But this rock was resting in a creek bottom, a long way from any sort of high point.  Sure makes you wonder what happened.  Did a carrier lose it en route from one place to another?  Did the carrier, for whatever reason, have to drop weight to make a quick escape?  Or did the carrier fall when the rock did, his remains returning to dust as years passed… while only the rock remained?

We’ll never know.  But it sure is fun to think about.

© Tami Blake

2 thoughts on “Look what Beau found

  1. Yes, leaves one to wonder! I guess U don’t have fossils there and bacalites and big snail shells? Are alot of then north of Sumatra…. I found a very nice arrow head in our old corral a couple of years ago. Think it must have gotten there in dirt off a horse’s hoof. I always marvel when I occasionally find bits of obsidion, or a scraper, as that all came from a longs ways away, at least Yellowstone Park.


    1. I guess we do have a few baculites here — I didn’t even think of that. Not near as many as south of here, though, like on Froze-to-Death. Always fun to find stuff. I have a big collection… too big : )


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