We just can’t have nice things


You might be a mom like me if coming into your possession is a certain death sentence for a piece of jewelry.

I bought this starfish bracelet when we vacationed in Alabama almost 18 months ago.  And it held on for a long time, despite the sticky little hands around here being very much against its survival.

Then my 5-year-old tried to turn it inside out last week.  And, of course, the elastic string snapped.

In his defense, he felt terrible about it.  With solemn tears in his eyes, he offered me one of his favorite Cabela’s catalogs as restitution for the wrongdoing.

Mind you, this bracelet is not the first of my jewelry to hit the dust since motherhood began for me 5 years ago.  In fact, I have two (well-hidden) Ziploc baggies filled with jewelry pieces I love which are in need of repair.  One of these days I’m going to take it all in to a jeweler to be fixed, and when I get it all back ready to wear, it’ll be like I bought a whole new wardrobe of accessories.  Look out for me then.  I’ll look like I really have it together.

The kids are 5, 2, and 8 months old.  So I figure I might as well wait a while before I get anything repaired.  At this stage of our lives, we just can’t have nice things.

© Tami Blake

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