My Sister the Physician


I will admit:  the judgmental part of me used to think that only babies that were unloved and neglected could develop diaper rash.  That was because we never had a baby with diaper rash issues until this third one.

I am fairly certain that we don’t treat her much different than we did the two before her.  And though my standards of cleanliness are sliding downhill at a steady rate here in my 30s (case in point:  the oldest child was bathed nightly; this third one just hops in the shower with a grown-up for a semi-occasional scrubbing), I do take a bit of pride in keeping clean children.  Yet for some inexplicable reason, our 8-month-old fights a persistent diaper rash.

None of the over-the-counter diaper rash ointments worked, so I finally consulted my Sister the Physician, who recommended good ol’ Bag Balm for the problem.  And it worked slick as a whistle.  Baby’s bottom is smooth and white and completely pain-free-in-appearance once again.

I’m not sure if you need to be raised on a ranch or go to medical school to gain my Sister the Physician’s level of wisdom.  But maybe it’s the mix that makes her so good at what she does.



P.S.:  Has anyone else noticed that a lot of my photos are slightly off level?  I promise I don’t intend to do that.  It’s like I hold the camera at a slant without even realizing I’m doing it.  I’m starting to think I maybe look at the world a little differently than most folks do…

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