5-year-old Asher, hearing the first strains of the National Anthem:

rodeo's favorite song

“Hey!  It’s ranch rodeo’s favorite song!”

We are proud of our patriotic boy, who watches with great interest each night as a different performer sings the National Anthem on TV at the NFR.

The same boy loves making miniature American flags with his pencil, computer paper, tape, and drinking straws.  He then uses more tape to post his little flags in various locations around the house… presumably marking his territory.  Some days we are in an (imaginary) exploratory phase and some days we are fighting battles against other countries, but getting an American flag in the air is first priority no matter the day’s task.

The other day he said, “I just love making flags.  I think it might be… what’s that word?  My hobby.  I think flag-making will be my hobby when I grow up.”

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