I am a bit of an expert…


Don’t tell Grandma, but I’m making a photo book for her for Christmas.  I’m going to give it to her on Christmas Eve, during the family get-together at her house.  That is, I’ll give it to her if I actually get it finished in time.

Why oh why do I always wait until December to start these from-the-heart Christmas gift projects?

There are a variety of photo gifts one can make using the Costco Photo Center website, and I enjoy creating photo gifts, and I love the idea of giving photo gifts, so each year I set lofty goals for myself of projects which I will accomplish and then give to others for Christmas.  And then, before I know it, it’s 11 p.m. on December 10 and the deadline to order these projects and actually receive them by Christmas Eve is fast approaching.  Already I will probably need to pay for two-day shipping to ensure receipt by Christmas Eve.

The book I’m making for Grandma will be full of stories she herself wrote about growing up in the Sorrel Horse Valley north of Hardin, Montana; stories I’ve written about her; and photos new and old (like the one shown, of her and Grandpa as newlyweds).  I’m hoping the book will look very professional.  I am, after all, becoming quite adept at using the Costco photo-book-creating software, as this is the third photo book I’ve created in the last six weeks.  And once Grandma’s photo book is wrapped up, I’ll only have four more to finish before Christmas.  I have plenty of time, right?

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