Moral Mashed Potato Dilemma


Something about these mashed potatoes is not quite right.  I made them last night with the intention of using them to crown the shepherd’s pie I’m making for the crew for lunch today.

I peeled the potatoes and added the fixings (cream cheese, milk, butter, seasonings) myself.  When I finished them last night, I taste-tested them and… hmmm.  Something’s not quite right.  Like there was a bad spot in one of the potatoes and it spread its tentacles through the whole dish.

The question is whether or not I go ahead and serve them today knowing they’re a little off.

Beau tasted them as well and says they taste just fine to him.  Completely normal.  But his opinion can’t always be trusted when it’s in the interest of general family peace-keeping to tell me something that calms me down.

And also, he’s a man.  Men are not usually adept at detecting slightly moldy flavors.

But then again, they’re all men.  The whole crew, I mean.  The ones I will be feeding today.  And if I add enough hamburger, gravy, corn, and cheese to the shepherd’s pie along with the mashed potatoes, they’ll likely never know my little secret.  Which is that the mashed potatoes are a little off.  I’m not imagining this.

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