Speaking of the bunkhouse…


… which is actually just a double-wide trailer here at the VX, I have been working steadily on it to make it nice for the cowboy crew, or for any potential guests we might have, to spend the night in.

It was kind of a mess when we got here.  But I have boxed up and hauled out junk.  I have vacuumed couch cushions and rearranged furniture.  Scrubbed the stove top.  Set up a trapline to control the mice.

Now I’ve got the bunkhouse to the point where five cowboys can comfortably stay the night.  There’s a bit of maintenance work to be done between visitors — vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, washing bedding and towels, hauling in drinking water — but I’m actually glad to get out of my own house and accomplish something I know my kids won’t be able to undo tomorrow.  I can fix it, close the door, and it’s the same when I come back in a week.

I think my husband is wondering why I don’t approach these housekeeping tasks with such tenacity in our own house.

I think the answer to that is above.  That and I’m more of a big-project person than a day-to-day-task person.

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