Speaking of plunder…


… another collection left behind by the former inhabitants of the VX is one of books.  When they moved out and hauled off their last load, a pile of books remained.  Books in the basement of the big house.  Boxes of books in the shop.  A literal mountain of books on the living room floor of the bunkhouse.  I’m sure there are at least 500 books, and probably more we haven’t found yet.

Faced with the moral dilemma of the right thing to do with all these books, and lacking the energy to pack them all up to take to the Rescue Mission or the dump, I have instead stocked the empty shelves in the bunkhouse with the books.  It’s the… wait for it… the VX Library.  I figure if our guests staying in the bunkhouse become bored, they can peruse books.  If the end times come and we are stranded out here on the prairie, we will at least have reading material.

Except for a nice representation of Clive Cussler and Larry McMurtry, the book selection is decidedly non-fiction and decidedly dull.  The Revolution of Prussia, anyone?  How about Power Golf?  The ABC of Relativity?

Since I am typing one-handed while holding the baby, I will keep it short, but I can’t resist quoting a few more titles:

The LL Bean Guide to Outdoor Photography

Golden Retrievers for Dummies

Legal Problem Solver

Mayo Clinic Family Health Book

Magnificent New Zealand

America’s Economic Growth

Official Rules of Card Games

Henry Kissinger:  White House Years

And the list goes on.

I think the list begs this question:  Why would anyone have such a collection of books?  Would you read all these books in an effort to increase your intelligence and to be perceived as a “well-read” individual?

Or… do you maybe go to the library and buy boxes full of discontinued and unwanted books for 10 cents per box, then keep the books prominently displayed in your house so that visitors perusing your bookshelves might be impressed and think of you as well-read?

Why would you keep such a collection of books?

The answer is:  You wouldn’t.  Which is precisely why our predecessors left them behind.

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