Asherism of the Day


It might sound weird, but sometimes we make deviled eggs for breakfast here at our house.  You see, Asher loves hard-boiled eggs, but the kid has a crumb problem.  He likes to crumble his food before he eats it.  Bread of any kind, even hard-boiled eggs… he breaks it all down into molecules before he partakes.  I swear he could get crumbs out of a turnip.

You can imagine there is no good way to clean up hard-boiled egg crumbs that end up on the carpet under the table.  Thus, he has been prohibited from eating regular old hard-boiled eggs in the house.  We have to mix them with crumble-proof substance before he’s allowed to eat.  Presenting:  the deviled egg.

So this morning he was helping me mix up the filling.  Reminding him that he’s my chief taste-tester, I gave him a bit to try.  He thoughtfully took a taste off the tip of the spoon.

“Hmmm,” he said, smacking his lips.  “Needs a little moisture-shire.”

(What he meant was worcestershire!  And, in case you’re wondering, the photo is from later in the day, when he was helping me roll out pie crust.  He loves making pies, I think mostly because he loves eating dough scraps — the more flour, the better.  We made pumpkin pie and chocolate-pecan pie for tomorrow.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!)

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