Trappin’ ‘Coons


When you live on the edge of civilization, you end up sharing your space with wild critters of all shapes and sizes.  Though the critters were here first, they often impede human progress, and so sometimes it’s necessary to exterminate a few of them.

The raccoons around here have been guilty of stealing cat food and dog food and making a general mess of the barn.  When our dog battled one in the yard in the middle of the night — ultimately putting the ‘coon to rest — we decided we better take action (both our dog’s sire and her dam were drowned by raccoons on a ranch northwest of here; that’s a fondly retold story in the Blake kids’ vocabulary).  So far Asher (our official trapper) has caught two raccoons in traps on the edge of Porcupine Creek.

There are other critters to deal with too:  the muskrats that faithfully plug the overflow on the stock tank at the well and the coyotes that howl from all directions each night.  Good thing Uncle Mitch is a professional trapper; we’re depending on him to teach the kids his trade so that no matter what this ol’ world comes to, they’ll be able to hunker down in the hills and keep themselves alive!

We do our best to live in harmony with our neighbors… but history will tell you that living in harmony involves perpetrators (i.e. dog-food-stealers) coming to justice.

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