Coffee Break

coffee break

Well, it took a lot of coffee to do it, but we got the calves weaned.

I am always amazed by how much coffee these PV cowboys can drink.  They drink coffee first thing in the morning.  They drink it at meals.  They carry thermoses with them for little sips throughout the day.  Summer or winter.

Take yesterday, for instance.  The five cowboys who had spent the night before in our bunkhouse came into our house at 6 a.m. for breakfast.  I fed them breakfast burritos with, of course, several cups of coffee for each.

The thing is, because they rose from their bedrolls at the ungodly hour of 3 a.m. and then had four hours to go ’til sunrise, they had time to kill.  When prepping the bunkhouse for their arrival, I had outfitted the place with a coffee maker, filters, grounds, and water — so they wouldn’t be sitting around yearning for coffee knowing the kitchen wasn’t open for business yet.  So when they ate breakfast at my house at 6 a.m., they admitted they had already consumed four (!) pots of coffee before they left the bunkhouse to saddle their horses.

The photo above was taken at the working pens.  It was a coffee break yesterday morning about 10 a.m., after they had brought all the cattle into the corrals, separated the cows from the calves, and loaded two semis with calves.  Before the vet got started running cows through the chute, a quick coffee break took place.

That’s my mom’s handy coffee server in the photo.  She was up for weaning, too, and she brought her coffee break paraphernalia with her.  She’s a bit of an enabler, I suppose — I always making sure these fellas get their fill of coffee.  I guess.  If it takes a simple thing like black coffee to make folks happy, why not?

Here’s a picture of my mom with my 5-year-old and 2-year-old at the working corrals.  Pretty sweet.

coffee break 1

In other weaning news, fuzzy weanling steers and heifers like this one hopped on the truck destined for the feedlot, where they will eat silage all winter long…

coffee break 4

And stern-looking daddies like this one hooked a ride to headquarters on the semis, too, after spending the breeding season here at the VX.

coffee break 3

It was a good couple of days.

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