three thoughts after watching American Sniper


  1. We can never thank our soldiers — and their families — enough for the sacrifices they make to keep our country safe.  Why anyone would want to do the jobs our soldiers do, I can’t fully comprehend.  They’re way tougher individuals than I am.  And they deserve our respect and our appreciation every day.  We have no wars on U.S. soil… and that’s made possible by U.S. soldiers.
  2. We have it pretty darn good here in the ol’ United States of America.  We move about in complete freedom.  Healthcare is available for rich and poor, stupid and intelligent.  A few tragic cases notwithstanding, any child born here has the opportunity to be as successful as he wants to be.  By and large our legal system is not corrupt.  Most of the people living here in this country are good people.  I haven’t traveled extensively to know for sure, but I’m pretty convinced that the U.S. really is the best country in the world.  And that’s made possible by U.S. soldiers.
  3. Our cares, because we live here in the United States, are so frivolous.  We get to worry about retirement plans, straight teeth, clean toilets, designer boots, birth plans, which Presidential candidate is overweight, organic sugar, kindergarten curriculums, Christmas lists, and the health of our pets.  Meanwhile, so many people in the world are hungry.  People are cold.  People are dirty.  People are in constant danger.  Disease and violence are prevalent elsewhere.  Our quality of life here is so good, it’s almost ridiculous.  And that’s made possible by U.S. soldiers.

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