Sick Kids

sick kids


“I spitted up my scrambled eggs” is not something you want to hear your 5-year-old say.

Here’s what happened:

Last week, all week long, our 2-year-old was under the weather.  She ran a low fever and was extremely cranky for days, though she didn’t show much else for symptoms.  It was one of those situations where you as a parent start to think this might be the new normal.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture when you’re dealing with a kid in a rough stage.  Hard to remember that she really is a good kid and something must be wrong if she’s acting this way.

The big picture is this:  she had some sort of virus.  I came down with it on Friday, and in me it’s manifesting as a yucky cold.  The baby came down with it Sunday in the form of a fever and a rash.  My husband’s throat is sore this morning.  We’re dropping like flies over here on Porcupine Creek.

Naturally, when the 5-year-old was feeling poorly yesterday morning, I assumed he had a cold, same as me.  He told me his eyes didn’t feel right “but at least they’re still working.”

Do you feed a cold and starve a fever?  I can never remember exactly what those old wives had to say about it.  What if you have a cold and a fever?  I decided to feed him.  So sure was I that he needed a good breakfast that I spoon-fed him, in fact, as he lay on top of a mountain of pillows, sleeping bags, and blankets that he’d made for himself in the living room.  A plate of scrambled eggs.  A glass of orange juice.

He had almost finished it off.  I was advancing with one last spoonful of scrambled eggs when he turned his head away.  Before I could react, his breakfast came right back up.  All over the pile of sleeping bags and pillows.  It was very… yellow.

He looked at me apologetically.  “I spitted up my scrambled eggs,” he explained.

Virus:  5.  Blakes:  1 (because the 2-year-old finally came out of it yesterday, thank You Jesus).

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