5 Miniature Blogs








When I see a good photo, I automatically think of a caption for it.  It’s the editor in me; I can’t help it.  So here are a few photos and captions that sum up the last week for us:




Marsielle is a water baby, just like her big sis and brother.  Bath time is a great way to keep her busy and rest my arms.  Maybe I left her in too long this time?  Poor third child.


We love our tiniest Auburn fan. ALSO:  Baby-wearing: It’s how we get through our days.  (She’s riding in the front pack here.)
Asher: Why are you laying on the floor?
Momma: I don’t feel so good. I think I caught Emi’s crud.
Asher: You mean the bug jumped on to you?
Momma: Yup.
Asher: Jeepers, that’s bad news.


The water pump for our house went out this week. Beau was down in the hole working on it at about 7:30 Tuesday night when I went out to see if I could help… and, admittedly, to take a picture of him. I left 5-year-old Asher in charge of the 2-year-old and the baby in the house. A couple minutes later Asher was hollering out the door: “Mom, Marsi got into the onions!” I remembered that I had brought a basket of onions in from the garage and that the basket was sitting on the kitchen floor. I guessed the baby had crawled up and attacked the onions, and I was right. By the time I made it back inside, she was gagging on a mouthful of onion skins and I had to finger-sweep her tonsils. Whew.


Why eat onion skins if you can eat hot dish? Last I checked she was a newborn… and now, suddenly, she’s sitting at the table eating corn and beef and taters with her dad. *sniff*

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