Big Bucks & How We Met

Buck 2


This fall we’ve been glad to help our young friends Brighton and Cooper both get their first bucks.  Beau’s shown above with 12-year-old Brighton and her whitetail and below with 10-year-old Cooper and his mulie.  These two are really good kids, the kind we like for our own kids to be around.

The cool thing is, it was Brighton and Cooper’s parents — Matt and Jamie — who introduced me and Beau in 2002.  Actually, they set us up on a blind date.

The chances of an Alabama born-and-bred boy and a Montana born-and-bred girl getting together were pretty slim, I’ll agree.  It’s so unlikely that we’re pretty sure God had a plan to make it happen.  And Matt and Jamie had a big part in the plan.

Beau had come to Montana the early winter of 2002 to apprentice Matt in his beef ultrasound business for a few weeks.  I was interning at the newspaper where Jamie worked.  One Friday night Matt and Jamie had a function to attend, and Jamie asked me if I’d be willing to take this Southern boy off their hands and show him around town.  I said sure, made plans to meet him at a restaurant, and took my (very tall) high school classmates, Mike and Jon, along for good measure.

We all got acquainted at MacKenzie River Pizza that night.  Later Beau and I parted ways with my bodyguards and went to a movie together.  Beau made it back to Matt and Jamie’s house in the wee hours of the next morning.

We’ve been together ever since!

And now here we are, married 12 years and welcoming Matt and Jamie’s kids into our home.  It’s the kind of full circle that makes your heart feel full.



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