The county road crew showed up bright and early yesterday morning to put a new culvert under the gravel road near our house.  (Living 17 miles off the highway, we appreciate the work they do to keep the road in good order.)

They showed up early enough that Beau was still in the house and on the phone with a neighbor when they pulled into the yard to ask if we needed to go anywhere before they dug up the road, making it impassable.

With Daddy distracted, our little man-of-the-house-in-training was johnny-on-the-spot.  As the county guys pulled in to the yard he swung the front door wide open and waved, and as the foreman got out of his pickup, Asher hollered:  “HI!  MY DAD CAN’T COME OUT RIGHT NOW!  HE’S ONLY WEARING A SHIRT!  AND HIS UNDERWEAR!  AND MY MOM…”

This is when my knight in shining armor, Beau, leapt to my rescue:  in one smooth motion pulling on his jeans, shoving our 4-year-old out of the doorway, muttering “I’ll talk to you later” into the phone, and putting on his business face to talk to the road foreman.

Doubtless, these are special times we’re living in.

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