Big Decisions


We have become those people who no longer have any idea what they actually own and are too lazy to figure it out, and so we just buy duplicates of stuff we probably already have stashed away somewhere.

Two factors are at the heart of our buy-it-again problem:  we moved 10 months ago and then had a baby 6 months ago (and for some reason our organization has markedly decreased since we became a family of five).

We moved to the VX last December thinking we would be moving into the main ranch house (see photo below) after a quick remodeling project.  There are three houses here at the VX:  the main ranch house, the bunkhouse, and the modular home (a previous investor’s weekend hunting camp into which we settled last December… thinking it was only a temporary stop).

On the day our friends and family helped us move 10 months ago, they unloaded a lot of our stuff — what we could do without for a few weeks — directly into the main ranch house.  See photo above of our stuff in the main ranch house living room.  Again, because we thought we would be living there after a quick remodel.

Fast forward several months.  After seeing an estimate, our corporate ranch management made the decision to NOT remodel the main ranch house.  It’s a decision we don’t agree with but have no control over.  As far as we can tell, the old house will be left to crumble into the dirt now.

On the bright side, the modular is a safe and nice place for our family to live here at the VX.  It’s almost new and there’s plenty of room for the five of us.  But it’s less than ideal because it’s a half mile from the other ranch buildings.  Also, I want you to know that it’s squatting here on the hardpan like somebody drove up in a truck, pushed it off, and then drove away.  Meaning there are no trees, no garage, and a stub of a sidewalk that leads to nothing.  Not that any of that matters when you work for a corporate ranch.

So, the real problem is this:  all that stuff that we unloaded into the main ranch house last December (see photo above).  Stuff that we thought was important enough to our family to move it over 40 miles of dirt road, but which we’ve gotten by without for 10 months now.  Stuff we don’t have the time or energy or heart to sort through anymore.  Stuff we don’t have room for in our home because somehow we’ve filled up every nook and cranny even though half of our stuff is still packed up.

Almost a year has passed.  It doesn’t make sense to keep buying more of what I know I already have packed away in a box.  It’s time for me to get over there and sort through the boxes and bins, keeping what we need, giving what we can, throwing what nobody wants.  As I said, I’m just having a problem with time… and energy… and laziness.

The kids love to play in the main ranch house.  As you can probably tell from the photo above, they love to rifle through the boxes and bring home treasures from a long-ago, almost-forgotten life-we-once-had.  I let them have their fun because I figure it can’t become any more of a mess.  Then, when it’s time to come back to the modular, I love to close the door on that mess and retreat to my home which is uncluttered by all that unnecessary plunder and where I have important things I need to do… like blogging.



3 thoughts on “Big Decisions

  1. Tam,
    I honestly feel your frustration. We have moved 8 big moves in the short almost 10 years and 4 kids later, and multiple smaller ones for day work and back and forth to our ranch home and our “town house” as the kids call it. I am still missing things that I know I owned before our last move. So frustrating yet what to do about it. So we have my canning stuff, Jakes coffee pot, and multiple other odds and ends still floating around somewhere. If you happen to find it in your stuff do give us a call. 😅
    Keep on keppin on sister….


    1. Jess, we’ve moved several times too but never with kids until this last one. It makes a huge difference! Getting packed up is one thing but unpacking always gets put on the bottom of the list… because we’re just busy surviving!


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