3 Addresses



We moved here to the VX in December.  And we’ve had three addresses since then.


First was the choice to either take out a PO box in Ingomar or have mail delivered to our physical address once a week.  We chose the PO box, thinking we would then be able to pick up the mail any time we were in town — 17 miles away.


So we were PO Box 48 for only a few weeks before the post office in Ingomar closed down, the victim of USPS budget cuts.


Our mail now goes through the Sumatra post office.  Sumatra is 9 miles further away and even smaller than Ingomar (which has a population of 12), but the USPS put in a brand new post office building in Sumatra a few years ago.  (Because government-related entities always do what makes sense, right?)  So, instead of taking out a PO box in Sumatra, we elected to have our mail delivered (once a week) to our physical address.


Trouble is, we didn’t yet know what our physical address would be.  There are three houses here at the VX.  One we knew would be the bunkhouse — nobody living there permanently.  So that left us with two choices for setting up housekeeping.


The main ranch house is at 9 B. Lane, and as far as we were concerned our corporate employer would be fixing up the main ranch house any day and we would be living there… for obvious reasons.  So we recorded 9 B. Lane as our physical address.


But a half mile away from 9 B. Lane is 1651 C. Road, a modular home that a previous owner stayed in on hunting weekends.  We moved all our stuff into 1651 C. Road back in December, thinking we would stay here while the main ranch house was being remodeled.


And here we have stayed.  If you’ve ever worked for a corporate ranch, you probably know that housing decisions from higher up can be perplexing at best.  The bottom line is, the main ranch house is not going to be remodeled.  We will stay right here in the house at 1651 C. Road.


So now we are slowly getting used to our new address for the third time in less than a year.  This is where I would usually say something clever to wrap up my story, but with three kids running around I can barely keep my own address(es) straight.

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