Two Days With Grammy



Another good thing about Grampy being the cowboss around here: when he shows up from headquarters for two days of work with hungry cowboys in tow, he brings Grammy with him.

For the last two days Grammy helped me in the kitchen as the cowboys gathered bulls here at the VX. Together we churned out a prime rib roast and mashed potatoes, chocolate malts, breakfast burritos, and sloppy joes.

Grammy is a wonderful doer of the dishes. She’s been cleaning up my messes for 33 years now, and this weekend was no exception. Cooking is sure a lot easier — as is caring for three little kids — with Grammy here to help.

Sometimes I let her pull her hands out of the sink long enough to enjoy the sites here at the VX. In the photo, she and our favorite 4-year-old are watching bulls getting settled in their off-season pasture.

The bulls are all gathered now and the extra crew headed out this afternoon, taking Grammy with them. Tonight it’s just us Blakes here at the VX. I wonder who will do the dishes tomorrow?

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