Gathering Bulls



Part of the PV cowboy crew is here for today and tomorrow to help Beau gather bulls out of the cows.  Breeding season is over, and these big boys will rest easy for a few months in the bull pasture, far from feminine temptation and in a pasture close to home where they can fatten up for winter.  (If you don’t gather your bulls out of the cows, the cows end up breeding and calving year round, which leaves you with a non-uniform group of calves to market.  Buyers are looking for big bunches of cookie-cutter calves to fill feedlots and, eventually, grocery stores.  That’s why all the cows are bred in a single season and, as naturally follows, calve in the same season.)

Bridger, Nate, Grampy (not only my dad but also the cowboss here at the PV), and Beau gathered the west side of the summer pasture today, working bulls away from cows and calves and pushing the bulls toward fall pasture.  The bulls came together in this fence corner, and I just happened to be there to take a picture.  Tomorrow these cowboys will gather the east side of the summer pasture and bring the last of the bulls home.

That’s Grampy holding his hat up in the photo.  Most of the guys carry bull whips to line out fighting bulls, but Grampy never has as long as I’ve known him.  If two bulls threaten to fight, Grampy simply takes off his hat and waves it at them.  It’s a warning.  And they usually listen.

Bull gather was probably my favorite season back when I was a contributing member of the crew.  And by contributing, I mean horseback.  These days I am chained to the house by six tiny arms and so I mainly contribute lunch and supper.

Speaking of which, it’s sandwiches for some hungry cowboys tonight.

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