Simple Pleasures



Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

Shirley Temples.  They’re so sweet and delicious.  I’ve always loved them.  Now my kids love them.  Put me at a bar anywhere, with the roughest, toughest, drinkingest bunch of cowboys around, and I will order a Shirley Temple without shame.  Or two or three.

Reading a magazine.  I don’t have many chances these days to do it, but give me a little quiet time and I can seriously devour a magazine.  I like the glossy pictures and short stories that I don’t have to invest much emotion in.  I love to earmark pages on which there are words or ideas I love.  And then I go back later trying to remember why in the heck I earmarked that page.

Well-broke, good-looking red roan horses.  I have a soft spot for red roans.  I know good horses of every color, but a red roan is a notch above in my book.

Instant pudding.  I mean, you add ice-cold milk and your stir it and it’s like heaven sliding down your gullet.  Does it get much simpler or pleasurable?

Throwing rocks into water.  Doesn’t matter what age you are… there is something fundamentally soothing about the arm extension, the splash, the ripple.

Graham crackers slathered with Nutella.  If you haven’t tried it, seriously, you must.  This is why I’m not allowed to buy Nutella anymore.

Shopping online.  I want to publicly thank whoever invented shopping online.  It makes life so much easier.  For me it means avoiding the two-hour drive to town with three kids.  It means outsmarting the germy crowds and the good ol’ trying-to-balance-an-economy-size-box-of-diapers-on-top-of-a-cart-already-filled-with-groceries trick.  If it’s one less thing I have to track down in the store, pack out of the store, make room for in our pickup, and pack into our house, I’ll buy it online.  Love you, UPS man!

Drinking hot black coffee out of a thermos.  This is something working men do.  They carry their thermoses and they drink their coffee black.  I don’t do either unless I’m with them.  And there have been times in my life when a capful of thermos coffee seemed like an oasis.

Drinking cold milk from a measuring cup.  I have always done this.  A cupful for the recipe, and just seeing milk poured out starts my mouth to watering, and then a cupful for my belly.

Reaping the rewards of time taken to clean out a drawer or cupboard.  I do it too — you just keep trudging through life, living in your own filth, pretending you don’t have time to clean out that stupid drawer.  And then one day — even though you have no more time than usual — you finally clean it out.  And it gives you a whole new perspective on life.  It gives you hope for other small things you might do to improve your quality of life.  And you might never do them, but right now it seems like you could.  It’s that feeling, friends, that’s a simple pleasure.

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