By Tami Blake, copyright September 2015

Sometimes I think about all the things I’m NOT accomplishing in this stage of life. For example, I yearn for more time to sit at my desk in the quiet. I long for the freedom of independence to clean out the barn or move a stack of tires or ride my horses or do any amount of dirty, stinky work… without six little hands pulling at my pants legs.

But I know I AM accomplishing the greatest thing of all in raising these kids. In providing a consistent, simple home for them. Sometimes it seems like menial, repetitive work… but in reality I believe my day-to-day to be a great investment in our family’s future, in the future of our country, and in our kids’ eternal future. We aim for these children to become the next generation’s workers, thinkers, caretakers, and leaders. We are giving them the best start in life we can.

What I have to remember every day is that this “start” is only a stage in my life too — and if the last five years have been any indication, a stage that flies by all too quickly. When they are older I will sit at my desk in the quiet for hours. I will put on my work gloves and spend the entire day outside. And no doubt I will miss this stage… days filled with chasing after a house full of littles.

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