These two calves



Clearly they love each other very much.


Notwithstanding, bum (orphan) calves have an innate need to suck on something.  In all my years of feeding bums, I have seen them suck on many things:  the other calves’ ears, the other calves’ navels, human fingers, human jeans.


But every day when they have finished the milk in the bottles we bring to them, these two bums — their names are Indian and Young Gun — lock lips for a long, sucking kiss.  It is as much habit for them as it’s habit for me to feed them.  They are completely faithful about it.


It kind of disgusts me.  I kind of think it’s weird behavior for our calves to display, and for a while I wondered if they were developing correctly.  And then I decided I have bigger things to be concerned with… so I took a picture.  Now all the world can know it:  we have weird bum calves.  We’re not sure if we made them this way.  But we love them anyways.

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