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from the archives

A North Side Adventure: We ran out of diapers three days ago

By Tami Blake, copyright January 2015

After less than a month at cow camp, we have turned into complete hermits. We will do almost anything to avoid a trip to town. (Billings is 120 miles and Miles City is 90 miles away.) We will even go without diapers, even though diapers are a necessary part of our daily life.

Now, the 50-miles-away IGA would probably sell us an emergency pack of diapers, but we are dedicated graduates of Financial Peace University and would never pay more than bulk price for a package of diapers.

And so here we sit. Realizing our stash was low, we ordered two boxes of diapers from before Christmas. (Did you know their shipping is free?) The last UPS tracker we put out on these boxes showed them to be in San Bernardino, California, with an estimated delivery date of January 2. We’ve got our fingers crossed.

Three days ago when our diaper stash ran dry, Beau thoroughly cleaned the cab of our pickup and uncovered four unused diapers. Those have been getting Emi, who shows little to no interest in potty training, through the night. We also found a package of unused swim diapers left over from this summer, and have been limping through the days with those.

Here’s an interesting fact to ruin your day: Did you know that swim diapers were invented to give you a false sense of security? If you are in the pool with a baby, know that swim diapers are mere filters at best. They hold little to no liquid. Pee goes right through them. They will hold a very firm poop for a few minutes… so be smart and choose to swim only with observant and conscientious parents.

Asher is potty trained, but still has the occasional nighttime accident. A nighttime diaper helps us all sleep better. As we are out of options, he has been wearing a swim diaper at night. Unfortunately for the last three nights he has experienced record-breaking soakers, making a complete wardrobe and bed change necessary each time (see problems with swim diapers, above). You might think such a situation is exactly why he has a bunk bed (top gets wet, move to bottom) but he actually seems to prefer camping out in his sleeping bag on our bedroom floor after a good soak.

I allow ourselves one nightly misfire with the swim diapers, and after that I just put Asher back in underwear. This, then, requires waking the child periodically in the night to visit the restroom. The problem with taking a kid to the bathroom to pee in the middle of the night is that I have trouble going back to sleep afterward.

Beau never has trouble going back to sleep. He is one of those people. You might think the obvious solution would be to wake Beau and make HIM take Asher to the potty. But going through the effort to wake Beau for help in the middle of the night, and communicating to him the dilemma before us in the middle of the night, is like translating a long-lost ancient language to English: is it really worth it?

And so we are watching and waiting for our UPS man to come screaming up the road with two boxes of diapers. He has been here a couple times already since we moved in and we really like him. His name is Mark, and his visits are times of great excitement. Asher even remembered Mark in his bedtime prayers last night. Happy New Year to you, Mark, wherever you are. (We bet all our diaper money for this month on you!)

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